Help DeskFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs) | Terms & Disclosures

How long does an the account setup processing take?

We are as eager as you are to get started and typically can open new accounts within 1 business day, SquawkPRESS™ is required to verify the authority to issue press releases for publicly quoted companies.  Under these circumstances and when Authorization is not granted properly during the signup process, additional verification may be required extending this period.

 If I submit a release “ASAP”, how long until it’s published?

Any release arriving at our Editors Desk during regular office hours should be processed within 30-60 minutes your receipt of confirmation email.

 What are your office hours?

Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM Eastern Time
Sunday 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM Eastern Time

How can insure a release is published in time?

Releases arriving at our Editors Desk during regular office hours should be processed within 45-60 minutes when submitted via ASAP processing, should you require a specific time we suggest scheduling your release at a minimum of 1 hour (during our business hours).  Orders received outside office hours are processed in the order they’re received.

Can I send the release via email?

Yes, we do not charge any additional fee to process releases sent to our Editors Desk directly, releases should be in Proper Format to
PLEASE NOTE:  Once confirmation is complete and Invoice is issued, any service or release will be put on hold until the due Invoice is paid in full.

How can I cancel my release?

Press Releases which have been submitted for release that are sought to be cancelled are subject to a cancellation fee of no less than $29.95, not to exceed the cost of the press release plus $29.95 fee.

What’s the quality of your Press Release Drafting services?

Our editorial department has worked in drafting press releases for emerging growth companies up to exchange listed companies, creating a captivating and persuasive Press Releases of the highest editorial quality is what will put you on the map, our prices for this quality are what will keep you in business!

What kind of reach does SquawkPRESS™ have?

SquawkPRESS™ provides premium newswire distribution services that reaches top tier media outlets, particularly suited for companies which are publicly quoted, traded, or are seeking investment capital (including aspiring Crowdfunding & Online Capital Formation issuers).  Our circuits hit a wide range of outlets within their circuit and have particular and targeted scope providing a special edge over competitions distribution.

No matter your choice our newswires distribute to multiple financial information systems, investment analysts, databases, portals, blogs, popular social media, search engines and industry-specific websites.  When you compare the value of our rates to competing wires, SquawkPRESS™ makes good on our promise to Get you there for LESS!

 What can an Executive Interview do for me?

Our Executive Interview service is our most popular engagement product paired with a sensational press and social media campaign for a nearly unbelievable price including a business/financially targeted newswire circuit release, professional interview scripted by experienced Investor Relations and Public Relations professionals,

How do I apply for an account?

Please click here to apply for a new account.

Can I add additional Authorized Users?

We permit each Account to have up to 3 Authorized Users; the primary account user (the person who signed up) is capable of requesting the addition or removal of Authorized Users.

Do you offer a “Reseller”, “IRP”, or “Dealer” account?

Discounts are applied based on volume for all customers, accounts purchasing greater than 5,000.00 USD per quarter may become eligible for “Elite Partner” status, this designation may be subject to special rates pursuant to their Account Executive.

How may I submit a Press Release?

  • Your first step is to log in to your Dashboard (see below)
  • Select “Publish a Release”
  • Complete Steps and Upload Release