Seven10_Logo.jpeg-24266174454LAWRENCE, MA–(Marketwired – March 01, 2016) –  Seven10, the automated data management company, announced today the release of Storfirst Migration 5. Storfirst Migration 5 transitions customers to next generation storage systems, drastically reducing cost and downtime compared to traditional services-lead and custom developed migration efforts. By delivering migration through a repeatable and highly automated software-only approach, Seven10’s Storfirst 5 can move as much as a Petabyte of data in under 30 days, accelerating the adoption of more economical and reliable converged storage solutions. Storfirst Migration 5 is available now.

Despite repeated efforts to modernize storage infrastructure, many enterprise customers still face spiraling data growth and operational complexity caused by specialized software tools and siloed storage media. Moving data from one storage platform to another often entails conventional methods which interfere with critical business applications as they are slow, risky, expensive, and complex. Storfirst Migration 5 provides enterprise customers a graceful and fully automated data movement solution to next generation infrastructure without any traditional migration complexities.

“Managing massive data growth continues to rank as one of enterprises’ most significant challenges. For years, IT administrators have been asked to deploy complex customized solutions based on freeware or to lean on professional service experts to help transition from legacy storage to new storage platforms. The risk, cost, time, and disruption associated with these efforts compromises organizations’ abilities to effectively manage their assets on modern infrastructure” explains Bobby Moulton, Seven10’s CEO. “By all accounts, the innovation taking place at the storage layer is impressive, but the technology designed to help customers evolve is frankly embarrassing. Seven10 dedicates its entire engineering process to solving the management problems associated with new storage adoption and delivers customers a complete software solution that makes new storage adoption effortless. Storfirst Migration 5 the result of years of planning, research, and development. Seven10 has created a product that will forever change how storage is adopted and how innovation is embraced by not only the end-user, but also by the application world.”

Storfirst Migration 5 offers complete automation and the following key benefits for customers looking to move from legacy storage systems:

  • Auto-discovery and native integration provides complete insight into the storage layer
  • Intuitive control center web-based GUI is user friendly and easy to implement
  • Multi-platform Windows and Linux Hydrators (data movers) for native SMB and NFS data moving
  • Full-scale audit safeguards against data loss; 100% reliability
  • Performance-tuned technology ensures throughput is maximized to allow for a fast migration
  • Limitless scale; the more resources allocated to Storfirst Migration 5, the quicker the job completes

About Seven10 Storage Software

Seven10 is a market leading developer of automated data management software. The company’s award-winning technology provides organizations a simple, unified information management system that includes data migration capabilities from existing storage arrays. With support for on-premise and cloud technologies, Seven10 helps customers protect their most essential corporate data — offering a secure, scalable, and centralized view of tiered storage. With proven success in healthcare, finance and other compliance-driven markets, Seven10’s software delivers immediate access while providing the most economical choices for long-term data retention. Technology built to outpace innovation.

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